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Our Story

Welcome to our little slice of heaven here in
the Cambrian Mountains of Mid Wales.

Back in the winter of 2015, after being frustrated with our current city jobs, Will turned to me and asked me what I really wanted out of life.  My answer was to live a 'free-range life' with free range children!  This is when the idea of Welsh Glamping came to us.  


Over the following year; after many discussions about when, were and crucially how much?  We stumbled upon our little slice of heaven here in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid Wales. On a cold and wet January day, we viewed the farm which had been unoccupied for some time and effectively derelict.  We fell instantly in love.  


By June 2017 we had quit our jobs, sold our house and had packed all our belongings into a borrowed horsebox, we were actually moving.  Ever grateful that we were relocating in the summer as Glangwesyn had no running water, electricity, or heating.  It took nearly 5 months to get an inside bathroom, and till febuary for the eco friendly biomass heating to be up and running.


With our house habitable we moved on to what was to become Welsh Glamping. We knew we wanted to be as eco friendly as possible but also provide a super luxury experience for our guests.  It turns out that building anything sustainably and sourcing sustainable construction materials is very tricky. It was then that we had a stroke of luck (if you can call it that).  


Doctor Faustus

We had the unfortunate news that our large woodland block had a highly contagious disease called Phytophthora and would need to be felled to reduce transmission to neighbouring trees.  This unfortunate event proved to have a silver lining and quick as a flash Will was off to buy a sawmill (ask him about it when you see him it's still his favourite toy). All the wood that we built Welsh Glamping from has been felled  and milled here, on-site, by Will.  This means that our log cabins have a carbon footprint of less than a mile, a fact which we are really proud of.  Our unique king-size four-poster bunk beds were hand made on-site with help from our trusty carpenter; we truly do think they are unique we couldnt find anyone else anywhere who makes them! We hope to start making a lot more furniture for our cabins and Lotus Belle tents, but if you see something you really like talk to will and we can make bespoke personalised pieces to order.  

All the water at Welsh Glamping is natural delicious spring water, so as you can imagine we do not have an infinite supply.  It is because of this we have tried to make the best decisions for our environment.  Such as a combined bathroom block, with air source heating, to be fossil fuel free.  Our kitchens have a small water system to reduce waste being discharged into the nearby rivers and streams.   All the logs for our wood burners are locally grown in the Valley, it is so important to us that we source local produce and support our community.

It's been a busy few years, with business planning, house renovation, a wedding, puppies,,kittens, lambs broken bones and children, but we wouldn't change it for the world.  We cannot wait to share our home, family and memories with yours. 


Sarah Will and our son Charlie


Axl (Rose) the brand ambasadoor 


Jarvis (Cocker)



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