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Booking Policy

  • Please arrive between 1600 and 2200 on your arrival day. We may not have your accommodation ready if you arrive early but you are welcome to park and go for a walk while you wait. Late arrivals can be accommodated but must be by prior arrangement and extra charges may be incurred according to the booking confirmation email.

  • Pets of any kind are not allowed on our site at any time.

  • Please read the information page on our website so you know what to bring and what is provided.

  • We can accept card payments for logs and charcoal but we are not always available so please bring some cash for the honesty boxes. Logs are £7.50 per bag/basket and charcoal is £7 per bag

  • We are a working farm so please obey all warning signs and staff directions.

  • By booking you are confirming you have read the T&Cs and information pages of our website and agree to abide by all terms.

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations must be made at least 28 days before the date the holiday is booked for. Any cancellations after this date will be charged in full.

  • A 50% deposit is required on making the booking and this will be refunded if the booking is cancelled in writing at least 28 days in advance of the booking less a £50 administration fee. 

  • We recommend that insurance is taken out by the customer to protect themselves from any financial loss in the case that due to unforeseen circumstances the customer needs to cancel their reservation.

  • A reservation can only be cancelled or amended by the main contact (the person that made the reservation originally).

Terms and Conditions

We are a small relaxed family farm; we want you to have a wonderful experience here with us. To ensure the safety and happiness of yourself and others using the site we have some ground rules.

  • Pets of any kind are not allowed on our site at any time.

  • Our MAXIMUM speed limit is 5mph anywhere on the farm, including the drive.

  • Do not drive into the glamping field at any time for any reason.

  • No noise on site after 10.30pm, we want everyone to be able to relax.

  • Your children are your responsibility. We expect that they will be supervised AT ALL TIMES and made aware of all the site rules. Do not enter any farm buildings at any time. There are dangerous machines and high voltage electricity in all of our buildings.

  • Do not climb onto any structure above ground height, which includes fences, gates, stone walls, farm machinery, our tractors, trailers, hay bales, trees, bridges, rocks…ANYWHERE really where children or adults might fall and injure themselves.


  • There is a lot of water on our farm in ponds and streams. please feel free to play in the streams but children must be supervised at all times and it is entirely at your own risk. Do not swim in the ponds as they are silt traps for the forestry and there can be a lot of very deep mud. NO throwing of stones, polluting or damming!

  • We know that it is often seen as a rare commodity but please use common sense around the farm: do not put yourselves or your children in a position of danger! If you feel there is a risk which we have not addressed or are unaware of – PLEASE TELL US so we can help make your stay here both fabulous and safe!

  • Do not feed or harass the livestock at any time. The sheep will probably stay out of your way as they are timid mountain sheep not very used to people but do not chase them or attempt to deliberately get close to them. If you have any concerns please speak to a member of Welsh Glamping staff or Billy the shepherd who you may see driving about.

  • There is a footpath that runs through our farm on the main track and you are welcome to walk on this at any time. You may also walk on any of our farm land (See map in welcome folder) but once you leave the footpath you are at your own risk.

  • There is a strict NO SMOKING POLICY on the farm. You can smoke on your own campsite pitch ONLY. Pick up all cigarette butts - thank you for your cooperation.

  • FIRES are only permitted in the fire pits/BBQs as provided. Any stone fire pits about the farm are for events and must be booked through a member of the Welsh Glamping staff

  • Fire Emergency Procedure: Raise the alarm; use any available exit; go to the Assembly Point in the main car park; DO NOT try and save possessions from a tent or motor vehicle, you are far more important!

  • In a Medical Emergency Sarah (Welsh Glamping manager) is a registered nurse and first aider. There is a landline phone for emergencies only in the farm house and a call box and defibrilator in the village hall (Out of the gate turn right 300m down the road on the left hand side).


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